We present below the photographs of some of the great musicians of our Classical Musical Tradition. For some musicians we also give the web links of their musical performance. These luminaries and their celebrated art of music is a precious part of our cultural heritage. In particular many of these outstanding musicians remain iconic artists whose unparalleled contribution to the world of our ART Music has immeasurably enriched our music. Richard Feynman a Nobel Laureate Physicist remarked in the context of the History of Science “There are great Ideas developed in the history of man, and these ideas do not last unless they are passed purposely and clearly from generation to generation.” Richard Feynman's words of wisdom aptly apply among other things to OUR CLASSICAL MUSIC AND IT'S TRADITION. The great traditions – GHARANAS - these musicians represent and their music need to be passed on purposely and clearly. We hope that the musicians at all levels, Gurus great and not-so-great, performing artists, musicologists and students of music young and not-so-young, colleges and universities, schools of music and other musical institutions will at best be inspired or at least be persuaded by our very modest effort to preserve and spread the glorious heritage of our ART (CLASSICAL) music. Sharing music with others via cyberspace is perhaps an excellent way to SPREAD our heritage, an excellent way to expose the beauty and depth of our music to the world at large! Thanks to the tools of the modern technology and the cyberspace the whole world can now be reached more or less instantly! Above all we respectfully appeal to AKASHWANI (All India Radio) and DOORDARSHAN (Indian T V) who have a massive collection of audio and video recordings to make this treasure available to music listeners all over the world by creating and managing a MUSIC WEB SITE! According to some source there are half a million recordings sitting in the coffers of the A I R and T V offices without any audience! Our grateful thanks to Shree Pramod Marathe of Gandharva Mahavidyalaya of Pune and Shree Suhas Datar of Bharat Gayan Samaj of Pune for allowing us to use the photographs in their possession. The original photographic prints or paintings were captured digitally by Shree Munna Modi of Aundh. Some of them are further digitally cleaned and processed by Dattaji as many of the photos are old and have blemishes. Dattaji and Bacchubhai. More Links >> Govindrao Tembe